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Bandana Bib Reviews: Babble Bib

The next bib for review comes from Babble Bib. Babble Bib is a UK based company who prides itself on supporting the local economy and having all its bibs crafted in a professional facility in Leicester. The lovely people at Babble Bib sent me their popular “Red Stars Bib” for my review, and here it is being brilliantly modelled by my little man.

Isn’t he gorgeous!

Anyway, Babble Bib use soft jersey cotton lined with fleece for their bibs giving them an amazingly super soft feel. The lining ensures that any moisture that lands on the bib doesn’t seep through onto your babies clothing, making this bib both functional and fashionable. Babble Bib also use a unique ‘hidden seams’ technique which means all the seams are inside the bib as opposed to the more traditionally used ‘overlocking’ technique favoured by the majority of other bandana bib manufacturers. I have found that this technique adds to the softness of the bib and gives it an altogether more luxurious feel, and I’m sure its going to extend the life of the bib too. Nickel-free poppers give the bib an adjustable neck that allows the bib to grow with your baby. I can’t rate this bib highly enough – it is one of my favourites from this review series.

Babble Bibs are available to purchase direct from their website and cost £3.99 each and there is a huge range of over 75 to choose from. The more you buy the cheaper they are. For orders of 10 bibs or more each bib costs just £2.80 which is an absolute bargain for a bib of this immense quality. I know I’ll be making purchases from their range very soon.

Website: http://www.babblebib.com
Twitter: @BabbleBib
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/babblebib


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